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 FEATURED: the Dream of
Sean Michael Doherty.

Our mission is to coach a dream that Sean has registered wtih us to reality.

Sean's Dream;
Sean's Dream is to host a platform that
1) clearly identifies
2) Thoughly explores 
3) Entertainly models 
The principles of Equal Values treatment of all people.

This consist of researching past programs, curriculum,  events and efforts contributed.
Acknowledge thier contribution and value.

Then to develop a platfrom that provides constructive options to engage rationally and meaningfully in a progressive guided  forum of conversation, education and truth.

We would love for you get involve share your thoughts and contrubute to this platform.

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A Dream

A dream is a were head and heart connect. It is also a place were potential can be seen and explored.
With appropiate assistance our Dreams can be coach to become our reality.

Here it all starts with having a Dream...
Have a dream.. coach a dream.. then have a dream come true.

Background of This Dreamer

Sean Micheal Doherty was born in Korea with a birth defect that claimed one of his arms and both legs.
Sean birth parents placed him in an orphanage as a result of their belief about the cause of birth defects.
Sean was adopted by a missionary couple who later moved back to United States.
Sean now lives in Oregon, is in his mid tweentys, works for a national company and is soon graduating from College.

Our progress to date

Consistent with our mission we have identified a program that has over the past four decade taught the principles of Equal value Transactions between human beings.
This program begin in the Armed forces and was taught to provide direction for enlisted men and women.
The U.S senated testified that it is one of the 10 best of its kind in the world.

We are challenged to continue to develop this material to grow the platform of guided Equal 
Value Transactions between people of all stations in life.
Join us in coaching Sean's dream to reality and contribute to the platform of Equal Value Transactions between people.

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