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-What capicity you can assist in

Send information to [email protected] reality.com

We need individual and groups to assist us in the spreading the word about our featured dream and past dreams we have sponsored.
The activities are simple yet vital.
What skills and talents are you willing to contribute?
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  1. Oct
    Prepare Training material for Equal Value
    On October 15 2017 We are completing our training booklets for Equal Value sessions
  2. Oct
    Expression Ware Release for Equal Value message
    We will began distribution or When I Dream accessories.
  3. Oct
    Began Equal Value Training Sessions
    We began sessions for training in equal value. Volunteers are welcome.
  4. Oct 20
    Seeking corparate sponsoring and donations.
    High volunteer need for helping with securing donations an project sponsoring
  5. Oct
    Oregon / Washington Launch
    Flyers, field canvasing and school fundraising.